Too much to do to write?

Sticking to regular blogging seems to be hard, but finding time to write seems harder at the moment.

It only takes one day with Little Man poorly, another day with an (admittedly lovely) outing with my husband and my writing week has whirled by without anything getting done.

Now partly this is to do with my distractable attention span, I’ll admit. When I say there is too much to do, I probably also mean there is too much to consume. I have banned myself from buying more books this month as I have so much to read on my Kindle and on my shelf. The shelf I am supposed to be sharing on Instagram so that I can interact with other #bookbloggers and such… Well it’s a bit overflowing with “to be read” books at the moment. And of course tidying away piles of stuff is how I spend quite a bit of my week.

When I’ve tidied up (and sometimes when I haven’t) I will sneak to my room with my laptop. I also have to be wary when using my laptop as more distractions are lurking. If the muse doesn’t immediately take me, I just watch the Real Housewives instead of writing.

Ironically, I also love to watch these YouTube videos with Daily Routines and Morning Routines. Heck, I’ve even adopted some of the strategies. Mainly involving post-its. I love Brianna K at the moment and use her “Today/Tomorrow/This Week/This Month” to do list strategy a lot. And yet despite lusting after these productivity hacks, it seems to take very little to derail my writing plans.

As much as I can blame a difficult week, I can easily see that my priorities are out of whack at the moment. I need to remove some of the distractions that I can avoid.

Life as a Mum is a constant rollercoaster, we cannot predict things like a child suddenly come home from school with a temperature. He is fine now, thankfully, but some times all you have time to do is to cuddle up and watch their favourite DVD on repeat. Which reminds me of one of my favourite books about parenting which I would highly recommend if you’re feeling guilty about not getting enough done this week.

What Mothers Do: especially when it looks like nothing

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