I believe in dreams

I swing between cynical to downright non-believing when it comes to religion, spirituality, although the stories we tell ourselves interest me.

I collect superstitions and have a fledgling short story collection about the little things we tell ourselves. My Lore of the Land folder on Pinterest is full of them. I love #folkloreThursday. I find it fascinating but I am not sure I believe it.

Despite all this cynicism, I have remained a believer in dreams. I am much more likely to interpret my dreams. Do you know if someone reappears in your life in your dream, you are probably experiencing a loss in part of yourself? So I guess that’s why my writing class turned up in my dreams.

I am embarrassed to admit that dreams have guided my decisions. Except that some anxious brains have vivid dreams So maybe if nothing else my brain tells me that I am experiencing anxiety and something needs to change. Dreams also sometimes help your brain resolve those anxieties and I get to experience emotions that are signs of distress.
In the meantime I am one of those people who says “I has the weirdest dream last night.” Kind of a clichéd and I don’t mind too much that my husband rolls his eyes.

One final reason, this book that I am slogging through came to me in a dream. It was my first idea and the imprint from the dream is just a couple of images that stay with me. It sounds ridiculous but I can still see the images that came to me and one day I will find a way to create them on the page.

Just a short post, a few thoughts today because I am not too well. More soon.

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