Lavender blue dilly dilly…

Lavender blue dilly dilly,

Lavender green,

When I am Queen dilly, dilly,

You’ll be my King…(traditional)

Lavender is in fashion apparently, the pages of Instagram littered with shots in Lavender Fields. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law posed in a field on their wedding day ten years ago-quite beautiful- so we are ahead of the game there. To me it has a lot of associations with my family.

It has a lot of history, a staple in a traditional herb garden. It’s interesting to see the fascination with the plant endures.According to Culpeper it has been medicine for many years and can soothe the liver, help after miscarriage and help with mental health problems. In as far as it is very soothing I would agree.

Lavender always reminds me of my grandmother. When I spray it in my house, it is calming, homely. Sometimes if the scent is on the air I can catch the coppery tones of her lipstick like she is wafting on the edge of my consciousness.

I remember her clutching her make-up bag in the nursing home. The same lipstick, Yardley scent, her soft grey curls. I doubt this is what she was like when she first started wearing lavender, using lavender talc but this is how I will remember her.

The meaning of lavender relates to cleansing and washing, it’s name even derives from the French word lave. But for me the flower will always mean remembrance.

This week’s #folkloreThursday on Twitter is all about traditions around herbs and plants.

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