Lucky number seven

Seven! seven today! Because you know “isn’t seven the most powerfully magic number” (Did I just quote Lord Voldemort?)

My son is seven. I always get waves of nostalgia now on this day. I think about all the birthdays and that day seven years ago. I was temporarily super woman. No really, I think being in labour was the most powerful and confident I have ever felt. It won’t feel like that for everyone, but I will always be grateful for just the right level of pain relief, the birthing pool and the self-hypnotherapy I spent weeks learning. I was lucky that day and everyday since.

I decided a while back to take down my blog about him because there are private challenges I didn’t know how to share. I read a lot of blogs about parenting and admire so much the way they share but keep just enough private. But I can share what’s wonderful about you.

  1. You walked in to wake me and said “It’s the first day I am seven!” Despite the early hour, you always wake up raring to go. I love your boundless energy.
  2. You still love a cuddle (on your own terms of course) and I am so happy to snuggle you close. I am happy to be your safe place, your soft place, your best place to land for as long as you need.
  3. You have blessed me with love I didn’t know I could have. Having a child is like having a piece of your heart on the outside. (That’s from the excellent film “Judy” via someone else, I am sure.) Even when you are away, I feel it deep inside, part of me is with you.
  4. You make me laugh all the time but now you have started to understand jokes: we are peak for finding penguin bar jokes hysterical but it’s the giggles that are the best.
  5. You boss me about and if you do want me to play I have to do what I am told. But most of all you want to share it with me, your Minecraft world, your biggest numbers, a video you have seen. Sharing your passions with me are some of the best parts of the day.
  6. You can’t stop drawing: maps, big numbers, alphabets: your pictures litter the house and you go through papers and pens even more than me. Not only are you also a stationary addict, you have this love of your ideas that is an inspiration to see.
  7. I love that you adore the moon. I think seven is often the age for dinosaurs or space for lots of kids but I love that curiousity drives you to learn things I never have. You want to be an astronmer now. Reach for the stars, kid!

What a wonderful little person to be around. Happy Birthday Little A! Having you in my life, I really am the luckiest person!

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