Are you trying to keep calm?

Anxiety is hard in a health scare, but we have to carry on…

Back in October I wrote about my Stress in the City and how the overpopulated, noisy days out in the city often leave me overwhelmed. Well, you can only imagine how tough my health anxiety is in the current scare.

I am very glad though that my cleaning obsession in the last year has led to overstocked cupboards of Zoflora and bleach and that I have a steam cleaner. But I can see that I am not the only one who is trying to find control in this time of the unknown. In this week alone I have heard tell of people fighting for the last pack of Dettol wipes locally, alcohol rub shortages, another local store is sold out of toilet roll and there are queues outside of Costco. It’s a wild west for cleaning supplies.

There is advice here from the NHS of what you can actually do to help but it is clear I am not the only one thinking I can game the system by disinfecting constantly. Pity the poor fish after this health crisis because I am sure there will be much more disinfectant going into the water supply. I think it is upsetting to see this hoarding, but I understand it too because it’s under our control.

I am not going to lie, I live most of the time with a low-level cold. I put this down to the fact I have a child. They’re great incubators particularly at primary school. And as Mum of a sensory kid who is constantly putting things in his mouth, I think we are all a bit more exposed to germs than I would like despite my cleaning efforts. Add to this the fact I am on some medication that leaves me tired and unwell, I have a very mild cough…

I am fine, I am sure this cough thing would have developed into something by now if it was the-virus-who-must-not-be-named. But I hope you will bear with me while I just cope with my anxiety and being well.

Keep well out there!