The best story-telling podcasts

Sometimes you need a refuge from life, sometimes you need someone to tell you a really good story…

I don’t think anyone could understand how important podcasts have been for me since my son was born seven years ago. Often my only intellectual conversation. An outlet for the dull moments whether that’s during housework, the time someone or other is insisting the TV is on, when he doesn’t sleep or when I can’t shut off my anxious brain. I have been some amazing places with these podcasts. At a time where we all need distraction here are my recommendations for the best storytellers around.


Jonathan Goldstein lures you in with his comedic genius and then moments later, you’re in tears. A podcast about righting wrongs from years ago. Soraya is my favourite episode. There’s even one about Moby. If you haven’t caught on yet I would suggest this an excellent time to binge it all.

If you like this, you’ll like: The Mystery Show. I wish Starlee Kline would bring this back. Solving a mystery with good old-fashioned leg work, though the series be small, it is mighty.


This is the first true crime podcast I found and Phoebe Judge’s voice alone can transport you anywhere. The stories are compelling, sensitively told and about a surprising element of crime you haven’t thought about. My favourite episode is about a woman who sits with the dying and brings about their end. Beautiful pods too about historical cases and unexpected interviews with crime scene cleaners. She takes the genre is a really different direction.

If you like this, you’ll like: This is Love Also Phoebe Judge, the series about Italy is particularly wonderful. I was strangely moved about the town that grew silent for the chance to hear the oldest violins in the world played for the last time. An isolation bonus is Phoebe reads a Mystery. Released because she is in isolation. A real treat to have The Mysterious Affair at Styles read out loud.

In the Dark

Another true crime trying to uncover the truth. But more importantly, it has recently been part of a justice movement that has freed Curtis Flowers. We wait to hear whether he will face trial for the seventh time. It was already a compelling story but the fact there may even be a hopeful ending is so good.

If you like this, you’ll like: The Fall Line I defy anyone to listen to the prologue about Atlanta, it’s history, it’s fall line and not immediately be sucked in. Really a triumph of story-telling. Each series

Myths and Legends

Excellently retold, he uses a series of stories from antiquity and around the world to create a new story. Well – researched, coming out every week these have long been one of my favourite ways to relax in the evening. I like the way I have learnt so much more about various legends – I would particularly recommend catching up on the Arthurian legends and the retelling of fairytales.

If you like this, you’ll like: Mythos by Stephen Fry and Heroes are on my audible account now. Another person with a melodious voice, this has been a great accompaniment to my isolation.

I hope you enjoy these recommendations and are staying well. I would love to listen to more fiction podcasts if anyone has great recommendations.

What do you suggest?

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