It’s Always Possible to Write Something

If you are feeling uninspired, or held back by life, then you can always do just a little bit on your creative projects

I thought it was time to review what I had managed to achieve in 2021 and whilst I would like to say that I have finished the damn draft (that one has been on the list going back to 2019, you can see here) I can’t. And life has really got in the way. Though the imperative Mum, Write NOW shouts from the title of my blog, the order doesn’t always work. Sometimes, I believe in a wondrous future when I will have all the time and energy I need to write. And other times I remember to just do a little bit of what I love.

So despite at times crippling fatigue, I have spent slivers of time working on the creative works-in-progress this year and got maybe somewhere along the way. I think it is a good idea to review each project. And I hope to keep up these tallies on my work going forward on the blog and Instagram to hold myself more accountable.

The largest project I have worked on is a comic novel that occurred to me last November which I even plotted a bit – a miracle – since November 2020 and September 2021 I managed to write just over 20, 000 words on this project. I got a bit stuck because I reached the beats of the story a bit early and I am wondering whether this could be a short novella or it is worth developing into a larger novel. To find comedy in some of your own foibles and also laugh at the pressures of motherhood has been a light relief and I think suited the brain space I have had available this year.

The unwieldy work-in-progress without any ending still has been languishing in my proverbial bottom drawer. I can see that I tried to write missing link scenes in April and May this year and managed just a few hundred words. But I took the chance to challenge myself to re-read it over the Autumn. It is not as bad as I had remembered, so that seems like a positive. I am just deciding whether it is time to “kill the darlings” and start over the story now. It has been going on so long that a pandemic happened in the mean time. It feels that writing about a woman living all alone and closed off from society was a bit too heavy to face this year, even when I had some energy back.

Trying to get back to that cafe life

The final piece of the puzzle of my writing projects are the pieces I have written by hand, I decided in planning my Autumn refresh that I also needed to get back to notebooks. There is something about slowing the brain enough to write by hand that helps with my creativity. I have done some research notes, some short stories and ideas about my characters. As my strength is building up, I really hope that I can take more trips out, notebook in hand, to enjoy cake in cafés and at least pretend I am being creative.

So, despite living with fatigue for eleven months now, my creativity has still happened. I am taking a resolution into the new year to value the time and energy I have by using at least some of it for these projects. And even if this time next year I am not a published author or a millionaire, I will be able to understand that it is imperative that I write now.

How was your writing year?

6 thoughts on “It’s Always Possible to Write Something

  1. Hi. My writing year has been amazing. I was able to work on two manuscripts, one is published and the other is on its way in January 2022, looking forward to concentrating more on blogging in 2022.❤️

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  2. This year I decided to focus on the one work in progress I felt I had the best chance of finishing. And I have done a lot of work on it but it’s still not finished. It doesn’t help that another character and a different story came out of nowhere and I’m putting bits of her story into my notebook when they pop up in expectation that one day (?) I’ll have time to type it all out and find it’s a mostly complete story, haha. Then there’s the other idea which isn’t even an idea as such, just a collection of short story notes inspired by song titles. Maybe one day they could be woven together into a coherent narrative or maybe they just remain an excuse to listen to more music?!


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